PHASE ONE consists of the most strategic 8 minute circuits you can do until the end of time.  Perform one circuit per day or all four, but the goal is to get MORE out of LESS as you retrain your brain.  The more you maximize each rep, the LESS you will need to do.  Danny’s voice coaches you through a step-by-step exercise guide through EACH REP.  In Phase One_you will learn the fundamentals of his revolutionary methodology.  Discover how to make ONE, 8Method™, 8 minute circuit superior to any traditional 45mins. momentum-based workout.  8MZ is the PINNACLE of personal training.  Danny is with you wherever you are, 8 days a week.  

The 8Method™ is mastery learning as its finest.  Like a musician, the more you practice, the better you play.  You must master the fundamentals before moving on to the next phase. Fitness is fun when it’s most efficient.  As you learn the 8Method™ you will soon discover, it’s not how many it’s how few. 

Traditional personal training sessions are momentum-based and very costly ($800-$2000 per month).  You will LEARN MORE from this educational based fitness program than a lifetime of unlimited private training sessions.  Our goal is for YOU to become the master of your OWN fitness destiny.  Say GOODBYE to the private training expense and commitment as you learn from the ultimate movement efficiency specialist.