Fitness is in my DNA. My Dad, recruited by Bill Bowerman (co-founder of Nike), played a huge role in my athletic journey. Post SMU graduation, I became an All-American triathlete and a full time triathlon coach for over 10 years. Voted ‘Texas Coach of the Year,’ I coached hundreds of athletes across the finish line from beginners to a World Champion. After years of marathon and Ironman training – I had too many injuries along the way. At 44 years and 4 kids later – Danny’s 8Method™ transformed me into the best shape of my life with ZERO CARDIO and completely injury free for life. 8Methodology™ is true fitness mastery. Mindfulness of the method has carried over into every aspect of my life and I can’t wait to share this life changing discovery with all of you! _Stacy Mullikin

Danny Connolly began training professionally in 1994 after graduating with a degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences (minor in nutrition) from Texas Tech. He believes a degree can only teach you so much. His 3rd ACL repair (on the same knee in 2.5yrs) was the catalyst to his own personal fitness revelation. The 8Method™ was born. At 50, he’s refined the method and finally ready to reveal it to the masses. 8Methodology™ is fitness mastery, ONE FLEX AT A TIME™. RADDNESS is one click away.